E-CORRIDOR Exploitation Workshop @ IMC22

Consortium members from the E-CORRIDOR project gathered at the International Mobility Conference on October 25th & 26th in the picturesque seaside town of Sitges, Spain. Members actively contributed to two days of intense discussion around all aspects of the project, chaired by Dr. Fabio Martinelli, (CNR) and hosted graciously by local members FATCUAL and AMTU.

IMC 22

The conference, organised by the Association of Municipalities for Mobility and Urban Transport (AMTU), the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità de l’àrea de Barcelona (ATM), the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona, the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Counties (ACM), and the Ajuntament de Sitges, aimed to promote various mobility sectors and upcoming changes to aid in the integration of technology into this sector.

The event was chosen as it offered members the opportunity to attend related presentations and network with individuals and companies in the same sectoral space. Key to the two-day gathering was an exploitation workshop and brainstorming session, chaired by Dr. Pat Lynch, (SETU) which allowed consortium members mutually explore commercial opportunities to exploit the technology and to provide a basis for the exploitation deliverable on the project’s completion.

Conference Outcome

Due to Covid restrictions this was the first opportunity for consortium members to meet in person. As a result, it was a key event, allowing all the opportunity to express their ideas and voice concerns about the platform before its full deployment. Good progress was made and many actions were taken from the conference. Follow up work will continue in the months to come.