Platform & Infrastructure

The E-CORRIDOR project aims at developing a technological framework to unleash the power of information sharing coupled with edge-based collaborative analytics for cyber protection. The framework will be tailored for multimodal transport needs by developing a significant set of security services based on it.

The framework allows data prosumers (producers/consumers) to easily express their preferences on how to share their data, which analytics operations can be performed on such data and by whom, with whom the resulting data can be shared etc. This entails a framework that combines several technologies for expressing and enforcing data sharing agreements as well technologies to perform data analytics operations in a way which is compliant to these agreements. Among these technologies we can mention data-centric policy enforcement mechanisms and data analysis operations directly performed on encrypted data provided by multiple prosumers.

The framework mainly based on an Information Sharing Infrastructure (ISI) and an Information Analysis Infrastructure (IAI) that can be deployed in several ways and on several devices (from cloud to mobile devices). This concept extends the one developed in the C3ISP project (where several prosumers offers controlled data to a centralized analytics service) to a fully decentralized environment. Being potentially computed at the edge, the analysis process is increasingly more privacy friendly (i.e. not the raw data but only the results of the locally analysed data are provided to the upper layer). When the shared data are actually cyber threat information, we get a powerful system for creating Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC), which will be one of the pilots.


Partners for the E-CORRIDOR platform:


Partners for the E-CORRIDOR ISI and IAI:

CNR (leader), HPE, CEA, FhG

Analytics & Security Services

In E-CORRIDOR, enhanced analytics power can be used to more easily collect information from several sources (due to enhanced control on the shared data) as well as allow more complex privacy preserving authentication operations. Through a set of privacy enhancing mechanisms, including when necessary homomorphic crypto technologies, we can develop privacy preserving analytics as well as advanced security mechanisms for authentication and access/usage control.

Data Analytics techniques

E-CORRIDOR will perform activities of design, implementation and maturation of data analytics, which can be used both for cybersecurity data analysis and to provide services to final users and transport companies. E-CORRIDOR partners will provide and maturate data analytics tools based on both machine learning and deep learning, to perform accurate and efficient classification and prediction based on data collaboratively shared by the E-CORRIDOR stakeholders.

The following data analytics techniques and service will be provided:

  1. Data analytics for driver identification (led by UTRC)
  2. Privacy preserving itinerary planning and carbon foot print analysis (led by TSSG, WIT)
  3. Privacy preserving (Security) analytics (led by CEA)
  4. Intrusion detection technologies (led by UTRC)



Advanced Security Services

E-CORRIDOR will integrate tools and technologies for the advanced security services using the previously defined infrastructures.

The following advanced security services will be provided:

  1. Privacy aware seamless multimodal authentication (led by UTRC)
  2. Continuous behavioural authentication (led by UTRC)
  3. Privacy aware interest-based service sharing (led by CEA)
  4. Privacy aware authorization (led by CEA)
  5. Secure Identity Management (led by FhG)




The framework and the services developed will be used to deliver three pilot products for:

  1. Information sharing and analysis centre for multimodal transport (ISAC);
  2. Airport and integrated train transport (AT);
  3. Car sharing in smart cities (S2C);

These Pilots have been carefully chosen to show the variety of possible applications of the framework, considering relevance and coverage of the public/private sectors in the field of information sharing for cyber protection.

1. Information Sharing and Analytics Centre Pilot (ISAC)


Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) are used to collect, analyse and share information related to cyber threats in specific sectors. The ISAC Pilot of the E-CORRIDOR project focuses on producing a prototype implementation of a multi-tenanted managed security analytics platform integrating E-CORRIDOR technology to allow controlled sharing/pooling of security data belonging to different prosumers. Furthermore, the prototype platform will be used to evaluate and validate the E-CORRIDOR approach, architecture and technology in the context of a security information sharing and analytics service provided to multimodal transport enterprises and users.



MISE (leader), CNR, HPE, CEA, FhG, DIG, FC, AMTU

2. Airport and Train (AT) Pilot


The AT pilot aims at simplifying the airport-train link, improving security analytics and operations management, and enhance the passenger experience throughout his/her journey. To achieve such goals, novel federated (analytics and identity management) mechanisms will be designed and adopted, to preserve data/analysis control and ownership while leveraging all the information collected by each stakeholder. Furthermore, considering the sensitivity and nature of the passenger information (that could include biometric and personal device data), privacy-aware mechanisms will be enforced. In brief, a co-optimization of user experience, security, and privacy will be conducted to reach the target of the AT pilot.




3. Car Sharing Pilot (S2C)


The Car Sharing Pilot (S2C) of the E-CORRIDOR project focuses on validating the E-CORRIDOR Platform use for multimodality in an urban context, where one user may be involved with many different mobility operators at once and looks for simplicity in his/her access to mobility services. The platform’s secure data sharing and analytics capabilities will also be leveraged to allow the creation of additional services supporting the use of the existing mobility providers’ solutions.



CLEM’ (leader), PLD, FC, AMTU, WIT, FhG, HPE, CEA


WPDeliverable No.Deliverable title Lead PartnerResources
WP1D1.2POPD - Requirement No. 2CNR
WP1D1.1H - Requirement No. 1CNR
WP2D2.1Requirements for the AT PilotADPD2.1 Final
WP2D2.2Design and Architecture for the AT PilotADPD2.2 Final
WP2D2.3First implementation, test and validations of the AT PilotADPD2.3 Final
WP2D2.4Final implementation, test and validations of the AT PilotADP
WP3D3.1Requirements for the S2C PilotCLEM'D3.1 Final
WP3D3.2Design and Architecture for the S2C PilotCLEM'D3.2 Final
WP3D3.3First implementation, test and validations of the S2C PilotCLEM'D3.3 Final
WP3D3.4Final implementation, test and validations of the S2C PilotCLEM'
WP4D4.1Requirements for the ISAC PilotMISED4.1 Final
WP4D4.2Design and Architecture for the ISAC PilotMISED4.2 Final
WP4D4.3First implementation, test and validations of the ISAC PilotMISE
WP4D4.4Final implementation, test and validations of the ISAC PilotMISE
WP5D5.1Requirements for E-CORRIDOR ArchitectureHPED5.1 Final
WP5D5.2First version of E-CORRIDOR ArchitectureHPED5.2 Final
WP5D5.3First version of the E- CORRIDOR platform and test bedHPED5.3 Final
WP5D5.4Final Reference ArchitectureHPE
WP5D5.5Final version of the E- CORRIDOR platform and test bedHPE
WP6D6.1Sharing and Analytics Infrastructures and architectureCNRD6.1 Final
WP6D6.2Sharing and Analytics Infrastructures first maturationCNRD6.2 Final
WP6D6.3Sharing and Analytics Infrastructures final maturationCNR
WP7D7.1Data Analytics techniques requirements and architectureUTRCD7.1 Final
WP7D7.2Data Analytics techniques first maturationUTRCD7.2 Final
WP7D7.3Data Analytics Components final maturationUTRCD7.3 Final
WP8D8.1Advanced Security Services requirements and architectureCEAD8.1 Final
WP8D8.2Advanced Security Services first maturationCEAD8.2 Final
WP8D8.3Advanced Security Services final maturationCEA
WP9D9.1First exploitation and dissemination planWIT
WP9D9.2First exploitation and dissemination reportWITD9.2 Final
WP9D9.3Second exploitation and dissemination reportWITD9.3 Final
WP9D9.4Final exploitation and dissemination report and plan for the futureWIT
WP10D10.1Project quality handbookCNRD10.1 Final
WP10D10.2Risk management planCNR
WP10D10.3First periodic annual project progress reportCNRD10.3 Final
WP10D10.4Second periodic annual project progress reportCNR
WP10D10.5Third periodic annual project progress reportCNR

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