The E-CORRIDOR project aims at providing a flexible, secure and privacy-aware framework allowing confidential, distributed and edge enabled security services, as threat analysis and prevention as well as privacy-aware seamless access mechanism in multimodal transport systems.

E-CORRIDOR’s mission is to define a framework for multi-modal transport systems, which provides secure advanced services for passengers and transport operators. The framework includes collaborative privacy-aware edge-enabled information sharing, analysis and protection as a service. The project plans to show the applicability of this framework in at least two domains:
(i) collaborative and confidential cyber threat management;
(ii) seamless access mechanism in multimodal transport systems.

Platform & Infrastructure

The framework mainly based on an Information Sharing Infrastructure (ISI) and an Information Analysis Infrastructure (IAI) that can be deployed in several ways and on several devices (from cloud to mobile devices). This concept extends the one developed in the C3ISP project (where several prosumers offers controlled data to a centralized analytics service) to a fully decentralized environment.

E-CORRIDOR will integrate tools and technologies for the advanced security services using the previously defined infrastructures.The following advanced security services will be provided:

  1. Privacy aware seamless multimodal authentication (led by UTRC)
  2. Continuous behavioural authentication (led by UTRC)
  3. Privacy aware interest-based service sharing (led by CEA)
  4. Privacy aware authorization (led by CEA)
  5. Secure Identity Management (led by FhG)

The framework and the services developed will be used to deliver three pilot products for:

  1. Information sharing and analysis centre for multimodal transport (ISAC);
  2. Airport and integrated train transport (AT);
  3. Car sharing in smart cities (S2C);
These Pilots have been carefully chosen to show the variety of possible applications of the framework, considering relevance and coverage of the public/private sectors in the field of information sharing for cyber protection.

The E-CORRIDOR project consortium comprises of 15 European partners.

The project consortium combines strong industry players from several sectors, with equally strong research institutions which will deliver high quality innovation; it is also supported by SMEs and adopters of the technologies developed (as well as a National CERT)