The Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) Pilot: A Shared Space for Cybersecurity Awareness in the Multimodal Transportation Domain

In today’s interconnected world, where digital systems play a critical role in various industries, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern. The transportation sector is not immune to cyber attacks and possesses specific vulnerabilities that require particular protection. Transportation systems are facing a growing interest from attackers who are targeting vehicles and infrastructure. These attacks can lead to vehicle theft, service disruptions, and physical damage, posing a risk of terrorism and endangering lives.

To address these challenges and enhance the security posture of the transportation industry, E-Corridor introduces the Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) pilot, an infrastructure for analyzing and sharing cybersecurity data. It serves as a central hub for communication and raising awareness about cyber threats within the transportation domain.

By collecting comprehensive and up-to-date information on cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents, the ISAC pilot aims to strengthen the industry’s ability to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks effectively.


The goals of the ISAC Pilot are the following:

  • Collecting information: gathering cybersecurity-related data from both private and public entities
  • Security analytics platform: a platform that enables the sharing of security data among different prosumers
  • Information dispatch: disseminating relevant cybersecurity information and insights to all sectors of the transportation industry increasing awareness and enabling proactive measures against cyber threats.
  • Cybersecurity analytics services: providing advanced analytics services in order to assist in identifying vulnerabilities, detecting threats, and offering tailored solutions to enhance their cybersecurity posture


Figure 1. Screenshot of the ISAC Portal homepage


The ISAC Pilot, in practice, offers a hybrid infrastructure that enables both edge-based and cloud-based operations for transportation service operators, supporting multimodal journeys similar to other pilots in the project. The primary focus of the ISAC pilot is to gather cybersecurity data from both public sources and private stakeholders within the transportation sectors. This data is securely uploaded to the ISAC portal, following established data sharing policies and utilizing the advanced capabilities of the E-CORRIDOR component.


Overall, the ISAC pilot offers valuable support to the transportation industry by providing a centralized platform for data collection, secure information sharing, advanced analytics, and sector-specific cybersecurity measures. By leveraging these capabilities, stakeholders can strengthen their defenses, stay informed about emerging threats, and proactively safeguard critical transportation systems and infrastructure.