E-CORRIDOR Industry-Focused Exploitation Webinar

Commercial Opportunities for Privacy-Aware Security Technologies in Multi-Modal Transport 

17th May 2023 15.00 to 17.30 CET 


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Advancements in technology in recent decades have modernised the transport sector. However, multimodal travel is still limited with passengers required to access varying interfaces and input information multiple times. E-CORRIDOR is a collaborative R&D project which aims to provide a flexible, secure and privacy aware framework allowing confidential, distributed and edge enabled security services, as well as privacy-aware seamless access mechanisms in multimodal transport systems. The project’s mission is to define a framework that provides secure advanced services for passengers and transport operators, with a focus throughout on preserving the confidentiality of shared information.  

 Benefits of E-CORRIDOR 

  • E-CORRIDOR provides a security  a security and privacy based platform based on advanced sharing and analytics features 
  • E-CORRIDOR will offer collaborative sharing of vulnerabilities and threats among different sectors and prediction analytics for vulnerability propagation 
  • It will develop secure authentication and authorisation services for multimodal transport – providing secure access management for citizens 
  • The citizen will be enabled with apps and methods for seamless and securely ensured passenger access authentication to multimodal transport services 

Market Entry 

The sustainability of the platform will rely on the commercial exploitation of the open-source software to deliver products and services to the market. This webinar seeks to bring together industry leaders in the space to investigate, validate and optimise the proposition of E-CORRIDOR in the market place. We wish to explore the opportunities for its successful exploitation and the challenges to overcome to ensure its sustainability into the future.  

Webinar Agenda

  • E-CORRIDOR Overview – IIT-CNR , Fabio Martinelli
  • Infrastructure – IIT CNR, Paolo Mori I HPE, Giovanni Giuliani | UTRC , Stefano Sebastio | CEA, Jean-Paul Bultel
  • E- CORRIDOR in Action – Here we’ll discuss how E-CORRIDOR has been successfully deployed in practice
    • Airport & Train Pilot, UTRC, Stefano Sebastio
    • Car Sharing Pilot, CLEM, Hamza NAIT SAID
    • Information Sharing & Analytics Centre Pilot, IIT-CNR, Fabio Martinelli
    • Panel Discussion with Q&A, SETU Pat Lynch, SETU

Who should register for this Webinar?  

In order to maximise the exploitation opportunity for E-CORRIDOR we are looking for participation from the following sectors; 

  • Mobility transport providers that could leverage E-CORRIDOR to improve their service offering  – air, railway, bus, micro-mobility, car rental / sharing 
  • Businesses who seek to improve cyber threat intelligence, data protection or asset and network security  
  • Public bodies such as Councils / Municipalities who can avail of the platform to advance initiatives such as SMART cities 
  • Technologists who can exploit the software to create a commercial opportunity 

Benefits for you…. 

Consortium partners such as Hewlett Packard, SNCF and Collins Aerospace are looking to identify partners to mutually explore commercial opportunities to exploit this technology. By attending this webinar you can learn about state-of-the-art cybersecurity and meet industry and academia representatives aiming to future-proof the transport system.  


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