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ARES 2022Analysis and Evaluation of Hardware Trust Anchors in the Automotive DomainChristian Plappert, Andreas Fuchs (Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology), Ronald Heddergott (CARIAD)01/09/2021Yes
PDP 2022 DetectionDecision Tree-Based Rule Derivation for Intrusion
Detection in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems
Lucas Buschlinger, Roland Rieke, Sanat Sarda, Christoph Krauß09/03/2022
PDP 2022 PrivacyTowards a Privacy-Aware Electric Vehicle ArchitectureChristian Plappert, Jonathan Stancke, Lukas Jäger09/03/2022
PDP 2022 PatternsSECPAT: Security Patterns for Resilient Automotive EE ArchitecturesChristian Plappert, Florian Fenzl, Roland Rieke (Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology), Ilaria Matteucci, Gianpiero Costantino, Marco De Vincenzi (CNR)09/03/2022
ARES 2021malware analysisSteælErgon: A Framework for Injecting Colluding Malicious Payload in Android ApplicationsCasolare, R., Ciaramella. G., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone, A.01/09/2021Yes
SECRYPT 2021malware analysisMobile Family Detection through Audio Signals ClassificationCasolare, R., Iadarola, G., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone, A.01/07/2021Yes
IJCNN2021malware analysisA Semi-Automated Explainability-Driven Approach for Malware Analysis through Deep LearningIadarola, G., Casolare, R., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., Peluso, C., & Santone, A.01/07/2021Yes
FORSE 2021SecurityColluding Covert Channel for Malicious Information Exfiltration in Android EnvironmentCasolare, R., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone,01/02/2021
PDP 2021 Surface Assessment for Cybersecurity Engineering in the Automotive DomainChristian Plappert, Daniel Zelle, Henry Gadacz, Roland Rieke, Dirk Scheuermann, Christoph Krauß (Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology)10/03/2021
ACM ASIACCS 2021 Role and Rights Management for Automotive Access and Feature ActivationChristian Plappert, Lukas Jäger, Andreas Fuchs (Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology)07/06/2021
Procedia computer scienceElseviersecurityExploiting Supervised Machine Learning for Driver Detection in a Real-World EnvironmentDi Giacomo, U., Casolare, R., Eigner, O., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., Priebe, T., & Santone2021Article LinkYes
Procedia computer scienceElseviersecurityAndroid Collusion Detection by means of Audio Signal Analysis with Machine Learning techniquesCasolare, R., Di Giacomo, U., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone2021Article LinkYes
Computer & SecurityElsevier3.579Journal linksecurityTowards an Interpretable Deep Learning Model for Mobile Malware Detection and Family IdentificationGiacomo Iadarola, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco, Antonella Santone17/01/2021Article LinkYes
J. Wirel. Mob. Networks Ubiquitous Comput. Dependable Appl.Innovative Information Science & Technology Research GroupsecurityDynamic Mobile Malware Detection through System Call-based Image representationCasolare, R., De Dominicis, C., Iadarola, G., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone31/03/2021Yes
SecTL: Secure and Verifiable Transfer Learning-based inference.SecurityIn Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Information Systems Security and PrivacyMadi, A.; Stan, O.; Sirdey, R. and Gouy-Pailler, C. (2022)2020ISBN 978-989-758-553-1, ISSN 2184-4356, pages 220-229
Applied SciencesMDPI2.474Journal linksecurityCall Graph and Model Checking for Fine-Grained Android Malicious Behaviour DetectionGiacomo Iadarola, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco, Antonella Santone10/11/2020Article LinkYes
ARES 2021securityAnalyzing and Securing SOME/IP Automotive Services with Formal and  Practical MethodsZelle, Daniel (FhG) and Lauser, Timm and Kern, Dustin and Krauß, Christoph (FhG)01/09/2021Best Paper Award:
ARES 2021securityIn-vehicle detection of targeted CAN bus attacksFlorian Fenzl, Roland Rieke (FhG), Andreas Dominik (THM)01/09/2021
Strive 2021 (Euro S&P)securityMachine Learning Methods for In-Vehicle Intrusion DetectionRoland Rieke06/09/2021Invited Talk without publicationYes
Seminar on cyber security and privacy for multimodal transport 1st September 2021securityMachine Learning based Security Analysis Capabilities for multi-modal transport applications (ML-SAC)Roland Rieke01/09/2021Presentation without publicationYes
Journal of Informatics and AutomationCyberattack detection in vehicles using characteristic functions, artificial neural networks and visual analysisY. Chavalier, F. Fenzl, M. Kolomeets, R. Rieke, A. Chechulin, and C. KraußJournal of Informatics and Automation
doi: 10.15622/ia.20.4.4
Microprocessors and MicrosystemsThreatsurf: A method for automated Threat Surface assessment in automotive cybersecurity engineeringD. Zelle, C. Plappert, R. Rieke, D. Scheuermann, C. KraußMicroprocessors and Microsystems
doi: 10.1016/j.micpro.2022.104461