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Journal NamePublisherImpact FactorJournal WebsiteAreas/TopicsPaper TitleAuthors & AffiliationPublication Date Other NotesAcknowledge E-CORRIDOR
Computer & SecurityElsevier3.579Journal linksecurityTowards an Interpretable Deep Learning Model for Mobile Malware Detection and Family IdentificationGiacomo Iadarola, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco, Antonella Santone17/01/2021Article LinkYes
Applied SciencesMDPI2.474Journal linksecurityCall Graph and Model Checking for Fine-Grained Android Malicious Behaviour DetectionGiacomo Iadarola, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco, Antonella Santone10/11/2020Article LinkYes
J. Wirel. Mob. Networks Ubiquitous Comput. Dependable Appl. Innovative Information Science & Technology Research GroupsecurityDynamic Mobile Malware Detection through System Call-based Image representationCasolare, R., De Dominicis, C., Iadarola, G., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone31/03/2021Yes
Procedia computer scienceElseviersecurityExploiting Supervised Machine Learning for Driver Detection in a Real-World EnvironmentDi Giacomo, U., Casolare, R., Eigner, O., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., Priebe, T., & Santone2021Article LinkYes
Procedia computer scienceElseviersecurityAndroid Collusion Detection by means of Audio Signal Analysis with Machine Learning techniquesCasolare, R., Di Giacomo, U., Martinelli, F., Mercaldo, F., & Santone2021Article LinkYes