ERCI Task Force MultiModal Logistics (TF MML)

Meeting #7

A Secure and Privacy-enabled Data Sharing and Analytics Platform
for Multimodal Logistics?

Online meeting – 5 May 2023


Foreword: The European H2020 project E-CORRIDOR has developed the E-CORRIDOR platform ensuring the secure and privacy-enabled sharing and analytics of information concerning Multimodal transport of Passengers. The platform unleashes the power of information sharing coupled with edge-based collaborative analytics for cyber protection. The framework has been tailored for multimodal transport needs by developing a significant set of security services based on it.

The framework allows data prosumers (producers/consumers) to easily express their preferences on how to share their data, which analytics operations can be performed on such data and by whom, with whom the resulting data can be shared etc. This entails a framework that combines several technologies for expressing and enforcing data sharing agreements as well technologies to perform data analytics operations in a way which is compliant to these agreements.

The framework – mainly based on an Information Sharing Infrastructure (ISI) and an Information Analysis Infrastructure (IAI) – can be deployed in several ways and on several devices (from cloud to mobile devices).

The project has developed 3 pilot products of the E-CORRIDOR platform:

  1. Information sharing and analysis centre for multimodal transport (ISAC)
  2. Airport and integrated train transport (AT)
  3. Car sharing in smart cities (S2C).

The project is participated by DITECFER (all the partners are listed here), and the President of ERCI, Dirk-Ulrich Krüger, is Member of the Advisory Board of E-CORRIDOR.

Goal of the meeting: The meeting is organised in the framework of the Exploitation activities of the E-CORRIDOR project. The main goals are therefore:

  • Presenting the E-CORRIDOR platform and results to meaningful stakeholders of the European Multimodal transport of freight ecosystem
  • Discuss with them whether the E-CORRIDOR platform can answer needs of the Multimodal logistics ecosystem and under what conditions
  • Brainstorming on potential collaboration / innovation activities / other new ideas to improve the sector of Multimodal Logistics, as well as ideas for supporting the exploitation of the E-CORRIDOR platform.


10:00 Welcome words

·        ERCI – European Railway Clusters Initiative – Short intro on mission and members (5 min)

·        TF MML – Short intro on mission and meetings held so far (10 min)

10.15 Tour-de-table to present the European Stakeholders in freight (1 slide each to be prepared by TF MML and shown when the participant presents himself/herself – 1 minute each)

·        Port of Barcelona (Spain) – Noelia Martin – Responsible de Hinterland – Estrategia de Negoci

·        CIMALSA (Spain) – Jordi Fornós – Director Consultancy

·        HUPAC (Spain) – Ricard Vendrell – Spain Representation

·        Tenalach Consulting (Spain) – Aristarco Tomas – CEO

·        Aéroport de Liège / Flexport (cargo) (Belgium) – Torsten Wefers/Frederic Brun

·        Port Authority of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara (Italy) – Simone Pacciardi  – Special Projects, Relations with the EU, Market development and Intermodal transport (from 11.00)

·        Interporto di Prato (Italy) – tbc

10:25 E-CORRIDOR Project

·        Fabio Martinelli | Coordinator of the European project E-CORRIDOR (CNR-National Research Council of Italy)

·        Stefano Sebastio, (Collins Aerospace) E-CORRIDOR Pilot

10:50/10.55 Open Discussion / Brainstorming

·        Can the E-CORRIDOR platform answer needs of the Multimodal logistics ecosystem? Under what conditions?

·        Are there any potential collaboration envisaged? Innovation activities? Other emerging ideas inspired by E-CORRIDOR to improve the sector of Multimodal Logistics? Any other idea for supporting the exploitation of the E-CORRIDOR platform within and beyond the Multimodal Logistics ecosystem?

12:15 Conclusions and wrap-up messages
12:30 End