NGI Explorers - An EU-USA Webinar on Smart Cities & Regions for International Collaboration

The webinar is organised by NIST (USA) and NGI Explorers (EU) for the international smart cities and regions community. In this webinar, we are going to briefly discuss the future for Smart Cities in Europe and USA and introduce an initiative funded by NGI Explorers (EU Fellowships to the US) on how technologies like IoT, AI, Big Data and others can be used for smart city innovation. A focus part on this webinar is an introduction of innovative results in the field of Smart City KPI Methods for Measuring the impact of the technology in cities and also as a Self-Assessment method for evaluating community impact or digital inclusion. We will briefly discuss a roadmap for this innovation and finally how a smart city in Ireland (as an example) is following the methodology to advance in their Smart City development strategy.


More information related to this event can be found at the ScaleUp KPI Explorer Section at this website:


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FED4FIRE+ Webinar | Wireless testbed w-iLab.t

Fed4FIRE+ offers a heterogeneous set of facilities covering technologies ranging from Wired networking, Software Distribution Network (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Wireless networking testbeds, 5G testbeds, IoT testbeds, Cloud, Big Data that are accessible with a single account via the jFed tool.

Fed4FIRE+ launched a series of free webinars that aims at providing open and reliable access to the use of its federated facilities to execute tests on a variety of technologies with single access all around the world.

The next webinar, titled ‘WIRELESS TESTBED W-ILAB.T’, will be held on December 3rd at 10 am CET.

Registration to the webinar is free but mandatory. REGISTER NOW.

FED4FIRE+ Webinar | Wireless testbed w-iLab.t
The w-iLab.t testbed enables all kinds of wireless, IoT, and 5G research. It provides more than 200 nodes in various environments (industrial environment, office, datacenter) with up to data WIFI hardware, user-defined radios, mobile nodes and IoT devices. The experimenter has full control over all of them.
This webinar will provide an overview of the w-iLab.t resources such as wireless fixed and mobile nodes, IoT, officelab and portable testbed and a hands-on tutorial on using the testbed.

The intended audience is hands-on experimenters who want to use (large) testbeds to put their research on a higher level. Background required: basic Linux know-how and know-how to use ssh to log in on a remote computer.

All tutorial material is available online at and/or more