Co-organised by E-CORRIDOR and TRAPEZE and co-sponsored by ERCIM and Inria, this collaborative workshop brought together leading researchers and practitioners, experts and enthusiasts in the fields of privacy, cybersecurity and technology.

The Inria Mediterranean Campus, Sophia Antipolis was the setting for the event, which ran across April 27th, and 28th, 2023. The workshop was designed to be highly interactive and presentations from experts were followed by interactive sessions where contributors had the opportunity to challenge assumptions or add to proceedings with their own ideas and experience in the field. These sessions gave participants the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and methods for protecting privacy, as well as novel applications of these technologies across various domains, such as e-government, telecoms, banking and transportation.

The event design also afforded many opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and an occasion to learn from experts in the field and explore new ideas in privacy and related technology. The workshop was preceded by individual project meetings for both E-CORRIDOR and TRAPEZE.
Taking place amongst the trees of Sophia Antipolis, participants enjoyed a tranquil setting and two days of productive collaboration and knowledge sharing in the world of privacy research and technology.