The principal challenge we face in tackling cyber threats is to exchange, process and disseminate information regarding cyber threats (alerts) in an efficient manner allowing interested parties to receive timely data related to cyber threats or incidents and in a way easy to process.

The alerts are based on discovered vulnerabilities and knowledge of common attack patterns which have been found in the wild or have been shared by peer organizations.

Those data should be “actionable”, meaning that they should be immediately deployed in the systems in order to protect the organization.

For that the ability to process and distribute information in an automated manner is crucial.


The ISAC pilot has produced automated tools to exchange and process information in an automated way, while respecting the privacy requirements.

The following functionalities have been acquired:

  • interaction speed-up between MiSE-ISCOM and stakeholders, in particular SMEs, which may allow users to act and mitigate the attack damages quickly;
  • increasing number of disseminated alerts, finding new patterns thanks to the collaborative data analysis developed in the project;
  • MiSE – ISCOM publish alerts being sure not to disseminate by mistake private information of the stakeholders, since E-CORRIDOR will take care, thanks to DSAs, of providing data in a privacy preserving manner.