CYRANO (CYbeR Awareness diploma for NIS Operators) Event

Introduction to CYRANO

The CYRANO’s overall objective is to increase awareness of cybersecurity in the daily activities of employees operating critical infrastructures and essential services.

Specifically, the Action will design an e-learning training module for the beneficiary’s employees to obtain a “First Awareness Diploma” in the field of cybersecurity, which will be included among the mandatory certifications required by the beneficiary to its employees after the Action’s end. The module will be tested on a representative group of 10% of the beneficiary’s employees to allow fine-tuning.

In addition, cyber maturity self-evaluation tools for other interested Operators of Essential Services (OES) and guidelines for training contents and organizational procedures will be developed for further take-up. Specifically, these self-evaluation tools will be in the form of guidelines to share best practices about the development of a cybersecurity eLearning system, and about its organisational take- up. It will also include a model for the OES’ management to assess the results of the employees’ performance.

The Action also includes specific communication and dissemination activities to exploit the potential for replication of the results. The e-learning module will be available in English and Italian.

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Fabio Martinelli from CNR (E-CORRIDOR’s project coordinator) will be a speaker at the Cyrano event and present the E-CORRIDOR concepts, together with the cybersecurity observatory.

Also, the cooperation between CYRANO and E-CORRIDOR for cyber threat management in aviation operation systems will be discussed. E-CORRIDOR can provide a flexible, secure and privacy-aware framework, allowing confidential, distributed and edge enabled security services, as threat analysis and prevention as well as privacy-aware seamless access mechanism in multi-modal transport systems. The Information Sharing and Analytics Centre Pilot (ISAC) and Airport and Train (AT) Pilot are also relevant to the cyber threat management at airports


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